Monday, May 14, 2007

Sister Saga

Well if you haven't caught on from the majority of my previous posts I'll fill you in on a little secret. My sister Heather and I always have crazy weird things happen to us. The simplest task or trip turns into some huge outlandish production. Today of course is no different.

Heather and I talked several times yesterday. It was Mother's Day and obviously since it's our first one without mom we were a bit upset. The day started out rough and by 10 last night we were both a wreck. Heather had been planning to stay at school for another week and just hang out with friends but by the end of last night she was begging to come home and I wanted her here.

So bright and early this morning I headed out to get her and all of her stuff. Thank God I bought an SUV. We had it crammed full and her car crammed full. Seriously her plants were not only filling the passenger side of my car but were spilling over into the drivers seat too. I felt like I was driving through a jungle. How one kid accumulates so much stuff in a year I'll never know.

When we got home we realized that the majority of her stuff needed to go in the shop but it's too full. So we decided we would take all the bags of clothes out of the shop and take them to the salvation army to donate. Good plan right. Well 1 1/2 hours later and 29 bags and boxes full we had enough room to put her stuff in. And again the SUV and the car were crammed to the brim now with donations!!!

By the time we were done with that we were so hot we couldn't stand it anymore. It was 91 degrees here today! And we decided that the only sensible solution was to buy a pool. So at 5:00 we bought a pool. The box said that it could be assembled in three easy steps. It also said "30 minutes and it's water ready". We I don't know who the hell can do it in 30 minutes but it wasn't us. We also maybe bought a pool a bit to big for the yard. Because we had to move a flower bed, level out the ground and then get started setting it up. Remember it's 91 degrees and I'm fat! This is not a pretty project!!!

So at 8:15 yes 3 hours not 30 minutes later it was water ready. And now in about an hour it has 4 inches of water in it. It's gonna take all night to fill up. So much for swimming today. We are exhausted. Actually passed exhausted. But dang that pool is gonna be nice!!!



Anonymous said...

Hey, have a good day. Sometimes drama really is a good thing!

Comedy + said...

What a great story this is though. I got a visual in several spots. Well, you are together and that's the important part. The rest will work its self out. You should be able to enjoy the pool today :)