Saturday, May 19, 2007

Attacking The Shop

Well Heather and I decided that we were no longer putting up with the cluttered cave of our shop anymore! We launched an attack this weekend and I think we won! We had a massive garage sale. We did incredibly well for throwing it together in just 48 hours. We ended up making right about $800 which is awesome. What's even better is you can actually walk in the shop now instead of using the aisles.

We ended up selling quite a bit of stuff. And then there were two truck loads of stuff that needed to go to the dump so that helped too. Now all that is left in there is some stuff that Heather is taking with her when she moves out, things for mom's siblings to go through and pick from, and some of mom's stuff that we want to keep. Well and all of the holiday decorations. The wonderful thing is that we can actually park Heather's car inside now! That is HUGE progress!!!

Now that the garage sale is over I am so sore and can hardly move but I've got some money and some space so I should just be happy about it. I'm gonna spend the rest of the evening laying on my couch I do believe!



andis said...

Great blog, will be reading it now and keeping up with you and Heather. Thank you for the books, my grandchildren and I will enjoy them alot. The rocking chair will get alot of work once I get it to KC.
Enjoy your trip, take lots of pictures and share them when you get back.
Take Care,

Starrlight said...

Everyone in the blog world is being so productive this weekend. I have guilt!!

Comedy + said...

Wow, that's great. It feels good to accomplish something positive.