Friday, May 04, 2007

Broken Cars Buying Cars

Well my car decided to break this morning. Actually the water pump decided to break. And since I've already spent close to $2000 on the car in the past 4 months I decided I was at my breaking point. There have been all kinds of ads in the paper lately for great sales on program cars and I decided I was gonna go see what kind of a deal I could find. I found a great one!

So after some bargaining I purchased a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer. It is off white and is fully loaded. I love it! The thing I love the most is that it is only going to cost me $12.00 more a month than my Grand Am payment on a 3 year note! So bye bye Grand Am with your bad water pump! I go pick up the new vehicle tomorrow morning. I wanted the oil changed and a couple other things done to it so I didn't bring it home tonight.



KL said...

Sorry you've been having car problems. I had three Pontiacs in a row: my grandmother's old Pontiac 6000, followed by two Grand Ams. I loved my cars, but the second Grand Am pushed me over the edge the last two years I had it. Needless to say, I decided on a non-Pontiac for my current car. I loved them, but I really needed a break! I hope you love your new car!

Comedy + said...

Congratulations on your new wheels. Sometimes cars can nickel and dime you to death. Have a great weekend.

FRIGGA said...

Congradulations!! New cars are very exciting!

Starrlight said...