Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just Say No

Well "Just Say No" is a great slogan but my clients show me on a daily basis that saying no is a lot harder than it sounds. Rehabs around here are hard to get into. There is often a waiting list or the centers don't have the services my clients need. I'm always looking for a solution.

There is a site out there to help. If you are trying to identify a drug rehab this is the site for you. I have visited there site and was pretty impressed with it. So I thought I would test the system out. I called the number, yes it's actually 1-800-nodrugs. A very helpful lady answered in two rings. She was able to provide me with information about several treatment centers in my area including the services they provide. I was impressed! I'm telling everyone at work about this tomorrow. It made the information gathering process so much easier.


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Comedy + said...

Rehab has always been hard to get into. I remember people in jail trying to get in at the end of their sentence. Sometimes they made it, but often they didn't. They would be right back in jail not long after their release. Tough stuff and a great need in almost every community anymore.