Monday, May 28, 2007

Got Friends?

I spent the afternoon with my best friend Darby. We went to her parents house and used their pool. It was a little chilly... okay it was a lot chilly! Her dad hasn't had the pool open that long so the water hadn't warmed but I suckered Darby into swimming. After our bodies went numb from the cold it wasn't so bad. We had a good time. We laughed a lot so that is always good!

Since the pool hasn't been open long her dad hadn't installed the ladder yet. Getting in was no problem, we just jumped the wall. Well getting out proved to be an adventure. We are both really short and couldn't get over the wall. Darby didn't like my first idea of me throwing her over the wall so we went with my second idea. I held her pool raft against the wall and she climbed up the raft and over the side. Then she got the ladder for me to use. It worked great and we laughed like crazy at how silly we must have looked to all the neighbors.

I've been thinking about it tonight and thinking about the trip we should be taking tomorrow but will be missing. The whole point of the trip for me was to do something nice for our friends as a way to celebrate them for how supportive and wonderful they were to Heather and I while mom was sick. It was a big thank you. Well today reminds me that Darby doesn't need or want big thank yous. We don't need to fly to Greece to attest to our friendship. We don't need presents and cards. We just need each other. She pushed and pulled me through my mom dying and that's all I needed from her. Just her being there. And I just need to get her out of the pool.

So Darby I know your reading this and I know we aren't on a plane to paradise but everyday with you is like my day in Greece. And I'm sure thankful I don't need a passport to be your friend!!!



Darby said...

are you trying to make me cry so early this morning?? you're right though...i don't need anything more than you just being you. i have always maintained that it was always MY HONOR that you allowed me to witness and do what i could to help you through your mom's illness. you could have put up walls and shut me down and at times that might have been easier for you, but you didn't. you never even tried and while i would have always understood why and stood beside you anyway, i'm so thankful and grateful that you did let me in. you are my best friend and i love you dearly. and by the way...they way you love my son and he loves you, i simply couldn't ask for more. you are an amazing person, and i really think we compliment each other so perfectly with our strengths and deficits. we're a good team miss jessica wagoner...i'm glad we're on one together. god does know what he is doing, though sometimes it's hard to see. so, no plane trip today, but knowing that i can call you anytime, any place, any day...there's nothing more i need. love-darbis

Comedy + said...

What a wonderful tribute to your friend. Great post, and thanks for sharing.