Friday, May 25, 2007

The Trip That Didn't Happen

Well who want to go to Greece anyways! What a lame place to visit right. Due to the holiday weekend the only way I could make the insurance claim on our trip cancelation was to do it today. And since they haven't even worked on Darby and I's passport since the 18th of May that seemed the only reasonable solution.

Our insurance covers the trip portion but not airfare. So that will probably be another 1100-1400 bucks to reschedule it but Heather is insisting that she is paying for it. With a baby on the way and student loans there is no way I can come up with that much money again. I feel sick that we won't be going with Heather and Kelci but I know they will have a great time. Darby and I may end up doing an entirely different trip. Greece has left a bad taste in my mouth. Brazil may be the way to go!

I keep telling myself that this happened for a reason. My favorite saying is "God doesn't make mistakes." So I'm wondering if this will be the week I get a call about a baby. Or maybe I will go to my friend Erica's wedding that I thought I would miss while I was in Greece and meet the man of my dreams. Who knows what next week holds but obviously I wasn't supposed to be in Greece. So good old Kansas I'm here to stay!


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Comedy + said...

How awful. I was so hoping to see a post that said, "The passport is here". You are right though, there is a reason things didn't work out and you will discover what that is pretty soon. Big hug to you! Smile and have a great Memorial Day weekend my friend.