Thursday, May 17, 2007


Final grades were posted this morning! For this semester I ended up with all A's!!!! I'm thrilled and shocked. I was praying for a B in research. That class was hard and I really struggled throughout the semester. But an A is what was listed! So luckily I get to keep my 4.0! I've never been a very good student. In high school and undergrad I just did the bare minimum and pretty much hated school. Now that I'm in grad school the work is harder but it's all stuff I'm interested in for the most part. Seeing that it will actually benefit me motivates me and makes getting A's easier. And the best part with the A's is that for each A my job will pay back 75% of my tuition. That is awesome!

Okay back to work!!!



Anonymous said...

Congrats! That's really cool! If my job would've done that, I'd be more motivated to get better grades.

Journey to Mia said...


Julie said...

Good for you! All A's!!! Great job Jessie!