Thursday, May 31, 2007

Traveling Tears

Starting at about 1:30 a.m this morning my phone started ringing like crazy. The girls made it to Athens but their luggage did not! And to top it off their ride wasn't at the airport. So after much calling and confusion I got them a ride from the airport to the bus station. They had to then take a six hour bus ride and a one hour car ride to the hotel in Olympia to meet up with the tour group.

When Heather called me at 9:00 Greece time she was sobbing like crazy. I think she is just really overwhelmed. She said that their clothes are filthy and they aren't sure when or if their luggage is coming. There isn't a washer and dryer they will let them use at the hotel and she was very confused about the money exchange and language barrier. I talked her down a little but thinking that it might help to focus on something positive I asked her how the hotel was. That made her cry more. I guess the hotel is crappy to boot. So the poor girl wasn't doing to great. But she said she was going to bed and was gonna pray that tomorrow would be better. I was feeling pretty bad for them!

I just called to check on them since it's now 7:00 in Olympia. When she answered the phone she sounded like her old self again. No crying. She was so shocked that they got a call and was really excited for 7 in the morning. She is not a morning person. But she said they washed their clothes in the sink and used the hairdryer to blow dry them. They have some makeup and were able to shower and got some sleep so they are feeling better. She seemed excited about the day so that makes me happy!

Today according to the itinerary they are going to "visit the archaeological site of Olympia, including the Sanctuary of Olympian Zeus, the ancient stadium and the Archaeological Museum, where Greek works of art such as Nike of Paionios and terracotta statues date to 5th century B.C. Drive north through the plains of Eliad and Achaia, crossing the Corinth Strait via a cabled bridge from Rion to Antirion. Pass the towns of Nafpactos and Itea en route to the city of Delphi, home of the ruins of the Tholos Temple."

So happy archaeological day girls! I'm going to bed!


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