Sunday, May 20, 2007

What Am I Thinking!

I woke up this morning and I really wanted to just stay in bed. I'm so sore from moving so much stuff the past two day. But no I got up. I thought I ought to do laundry but that didn't sound like fun. And laying on the couch all day isn't really an option.

So since I hurt already I decided I would go work in the yard. I had a dump truck full of dirt delivered Saturday. It's a huge pile of dirt. I need to fill in some flower beds, fill some gaps around the new fence, and level the yard so I can reseed grass. So I thought I would conquer the flower beds today so I could finish up my planting... Easier said than done!!!

First who knew dirt is so damn heavy? Shovels are heavy too but what sucks is they don't hold much. So it takes forever to fill the wheelbarrow and then it's way heavy to move. I've done 10 wheelbarrel fulls already and the first flower bed isn't filled yet! UGH!!!

And since our lovely swimming pool collapsed the yard is still a little swampy and well I've got mud all over. It's not pretty here folks. Even the dog is crabby! I don't see why I attempt to do this crap. It's ridiculous. But there are only a few alternatives.

1. Don't worry about pretty grass and flower beds and just settle for a yard with patchy grass and not so many flowers... I'm not really feeling that though. I love having a pretty yard. In fact I'm obsessive about it. I want my yard to be the prettiest yard on the block. It's something I like.

2. Hire someone to do all this manual labor crap and just plant and water the flowers after they get done. Well I would do this if I was made of money. Some day if I'm rich I'm hiring a yard boy. I'm not playing. That is the first thing I would do if I won the lottery. Get a yard boy!!! But I can't afford to do that now so it looks like I'm hauling more dirt.

3. Find a husband and make him do it. If finding a husband was that easy I would probably have one by now. And knowing my luck I will end up marrying a great guy some day that knows jack squat about yard work or manly type things and I'll end up doing it anyways.

4. Wait for my dad to come home. Now this is the best solution of all. My Dad rocks. He could have probably had the dirt moved, the pool reset, the flowers planted, mulch down, mowed and washed my car in the time it has taken me to move the little bit of dirt I have. He just rocks like that. But my Dad isn't coming home till the end of June. So I at least have to get the flower beds done by then. Dad if your reading this PLEASE COME HOME TOMORROW!

Okay the pile of dirt is screaming my name and I've cooled off now and had some water so I'm going back at it. If I don't post for awhile it's because I'm laying dead in the yard by the dirt pile.


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