Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Munich and Miracles

Well Heather and Kelci are now on a flight headed to Munich. From there they will fly on to Athens. They took off about 1:50 and should get there at 7:50 in the morning there which will be 1:50 here. They should then arrive in Greece at 12:50 there. They were bored and a little nervous but holding strong!

And I GOT A CALL!!!! The adoption agency called about a birth mom that is 7 months pregnant. She has some questions for me and wants more info about me! She liked my profile so that is good! I am so EXCITED!!!! This little miracle is why I'm not on a plane to Munich!!!!



Comedy + said...

Yes, exactly why you shouldn't go to Greece. What grand news on both fronts. Congratulations. What exciting news. I know you will, but have a great day. :)

Anonymous said...

What did I say yesterday?