Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Area Rug

A month or so ago I bought a new off white pretty area rug for my living room. Then the dog ate a painted apple thing on it and stained a spot red. Luckily I got the stain out and disaster was diverted. But last night I was burning a pumpkin spice candle on my coffee table and something went very wrong. I walked by and noticed wax running off my table and onto the area rug!!! I can't get the stain out, heck I can't even get all the wax out. So for the time being I moved the coffee table over a bit to cover the spot. I'm thinking I'm a bit cursed with this particular rug. In no time I'm gonna need a new one. I guess when that time comes I will look for area rugs online. Last time I got one at target and it was a hassle getting the sucker home. This way it would just be delivered. That would be nice...


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Anonymous said...

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