Thursday, November 30, 2006


kidsfirstinternet has some pretty cool kids bedding at some really affordable prices. They not only have the bedding but they have all kinds of children's products. They have furniture, accessories, toys, strollers, carriers, and really cute bean bag chairs. I love bean bag chairs for little kids! They also had a couple of really pretty rockers that I liked. Shawn and Amanda still don't have a rocker and their was one on their that matches Mattie's nursery stuff really well. They have an easy search feature and also list some of the best buys.

The site also has parent forums for discussions, a section full of expert advice, and lots of articles relevant to parenting and children. Parents can get advice and comparison shop. Pretty handy. Good prices without having to run all over town looking for the brands you want.


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chi_chi said...

Children's Bedding Boutique is also a good place to find the latest in kids bedding and bedroom furniture.