Monday, November 27, 2006


I've added some new things to the blog. On the right you will see a new section with random things about me. I was up late and couldn't sleep so I did that instead. Now I'm tired but it was kinda fun! :-) You will also see my Fatty Facts tracker at the bottom of the blog. When I changed to Beta I lost my tracker so I just now got a new one put on. I gained back the weight I had lost over Thanksgiving so we are at it again. New day, new diet, new tracker. Fun times.

I've also been adding new links to my blog roll. I would recommend checking out all the blogs I'm linked to. I love them all for various reasons. But please if you look at no other today check out Self Portraits! This is a new blog and she is super talented. I'm really impressed with it!

That's what I know



Kelly Bejelly said...

Hi Jessie,
Thanks for your kind words and link. I'm in the same boat with the Thanksgiving weight gain, can you say deviled eggs. yummy.


Chelle & Chel said...

I just added my tracker on my blog, too!