Monday, November 20, 2006

Pay Per Post Love

Okay I'm loving Pay Per Post! I keep having money show up in my account and I love them more each day. I love the fact that I just have to write about cool sites and they pay me! I love the fact that with Pay Per Post I'm gonna get my debt knocked out QUICK like! That rocks! While the money is an amazing reason to love Pay Per Post I dig it for other reasons too. I like the fact that I get to find out about sites I would have never heard of otherwise. And I really like the fact that I have found some cool blogs as a result of using Pay Per Post. I like checking out the blogs run by other posties. That is fun times. So money and blogs. Two great reasons to love me some Pay Per Post. I think they have to be the best out there in blog marketing. So check them out and if you sign up use my email as your referrer.


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