Sunday, November 05, 2006

Safe Deposit Box

My Dad and Stepmom travel all the time for their jobs. They have a home but are really hardly ever there. The last time they came to visit we talked about how they really need to have a safe place to keep all their financial information, insurance info, etc. Well I think I found a solution that might work for them. An Online Safe Deposit Box might be the answer for them. You can create an online safe deposit box that has your account numbers, scanned copies of important documents, medical records, and any other information important to you and your family. That way no matter where you are you can log in and gain access to the records you need in an emergency. Since Hurricane Katrina I've thought about this quite a bit. What good is have a regular safe deposit box if your whole city is basically destroyed and you can't get to the information you need? This really seems like a great way to protect yourself and your family.


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