Thursday, November 09, 2006


Well today I did a little mini tour of Kansas. I swear I spend more time being lost on the road then I do actually working! I have to get GPS. These old farmer guys have to be getting sick of giving my lost self directions. It's ridiculous. I'm surprised that I find my way home. The good thing is that with it getting dark earlier I just drive towards the city lights...

I did see some funny things today. I saw a guy that must have weighed about 350 riding one of those little scooter things. I'm not talking a motorcycle or even a moped. I'm talking one of the little electric scooters! It scared me a little bit. I think the scooter was scared too. It was moving pretty slow!

I also saw someone driving a metro, you know those little bitty cars. The metro was funny enough but they had a piece of plywood on top of it. A large piece of plywood! Who does such a thing. I laughed for quite awhile at the sight of that. I can't believe that a hardware store would let someone leave with plywood on top of a metro.

So that's my day. Real exciting huh???


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