Monday, November 20, 2006


Well it looks like our flaming Tamale is much calmer now! I think Vegas did her good! A little drinking, a little gambling and a big old Pay Per Post style wedding! That's good times for a Tamale!

Ted got her that cool camera too. That rocks. Camera's always make me happy! I'm kinda a camera brat. I always have to have a new cool camera. Now she has one. Vitamin water and HP cameras right after a trip to Vegas. That rocks. I wanna work for payperpost blog now. Do you think they need a social worker? Maybe for when the Tamale is way stressed. Maybe then I could give her a little therapy. And I bet I have a cooler camera. I could let her use it. I could share like that... I'm a nice girl!


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NMOTB said...

Hi Jesse, Thanks for visting my blog down here in SA!!!! You too have a cool blog and I must say - Vegas did me the world of good hehehehe (I went there for two weeks to take part in the Karate World Championships) - what a place, there is so much to do there!!!! You have a cool blog too!!!