Saturday, November 04, 2006

Good Day

It's been a good day here. Heather and the girls are so much fun to have around. They are pretty dang funny! I swear though that they wear my washer and dryer out. I think that thing ran for 24 hours straight. They got all but one load done. It was still drying. So I'll take those things to them Tuesday when I go there to visit.

Aunt Shirley came to visit us this afternoon. That was nice. I haven't seen her since mom's funeral. We had lunch and went to the mall. They were having a big craft show at the mall so I found some cute Thanksgiving decorations. Like I need more of those. :-)

After the girls left Lena and I spent some time practicing her manners. Now that I've got her to where she will sit we are trying to learn how to shake. Someday soon she will get it. She will do about anything for a marshmallow so I'm sure it won't take long.


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