Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bra Drama

We all know about my bra drama. I hate bra shopping! It's the worst to me. It's a hassle to find a big bra. And forget finding one that is cute!!! The last time I went bra shopping the lady that sized me said I was a G. Then I went bra shopping this week and the lady said I was a DD again. So what I want to know is how in the heck do you really find bra size that is right for you? And then if you find the bra size that is right for a regular bra how do you ever find a sports bra. I don't understand why bras have to be so complicated. All I want is a couple good big bras that actually keep my girls where they need to be and maybe just maybe was a little bit cute! That's it. Is that too much for a girl to ask?


1 comment:

Jo said...

Jessie... you took the words right out of my mouth!