Monday, February 11, 2008

Age Gap

My sister-in-law Amanda has a younger sister Kaitlyn that is 16. She recently moved here from Michigan to live with Shawn and Amanda. She is going to the same alternative high school that I went to as a teenager. Anyways, Amanda got sick over the weekend so to help out I brought Kaitlyn and Mattie to my house last night to spend the night. We had a good time and things went well but I'm starting to realize that there is a reason parents don't usually space their children out with a 15 year age gap.

I first noticed on the drive in that while Mattie and I were listening to calm yet fun Alicia Keys music on the radio Kaitlyn had her ipod blaring some music I didn't understand at a volume that I'm pretty sure could cause deafness. I also noticed in the car that Mattie wouldn't quit babbling and talking yet Kaitlyn only answered questions in one syllable grunts over the blaring music.

We got to the house and Miss Mattie immediatly went to play with the dog and toys while Kaitlyn made a beeline for the internet. So I spent the evening running between Kaitlyn and Mattie supervising very different activities. I kept checking to make sure that Chester the Molestor wasn't instant messaging Kaitlyn and then running back to get Mattie off the coffee table or out of the dog food. So while their interests are totally different they both live in the land of no... Kaitlyn can't talk to boys online and Mattie can't eat dog food. Kaitlyn can't stay on the cell phone non stop and Mattie can't tear up every magazine in sight. Poor girls!

Seriously though they both are really good kids. They get into things but they were both good for me. We all hung out and played. Both girls were in bed by 9 with no complaints or crying. Everyone slept through the night and woke up happy this morning. It was good. What's crazy is even with a teenager and a toddler around I got out of the house on time and in a great mood.

Though this morning the age gap presented itself again. Mattie did not want to get dressed. She fought and fought the changing out of her jammies into some clothes. And Kaitlyn couldn't wait to get dressed but I wasn't sure about her outfit or the length of her skirt. Weird kids.

But we made it out the door on time. When I dropped Kaitlyn off at school I made sure to tell her to have a great day, not to kiss boys, don't cave to peer pressure and just say no. I also hugged her and waved and honked. She explained that I'm really a dork but she thinks I'll be a good mom. I think that might be a compliment coming from a teenager.

Such is life....


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Barbara said...

I'm 14 years younger than my oldest brother and see it as a great age gap. I think he was a bit embarassed at the "evidence" of his parents' sexuality when our mom was pregnant with me. Of course, there were no iPods, computers and cell phones for my mom to manage at the time ... This story made me smile. Now if only your getting out the door on time will rub off on me.