Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Top 10 American Idol Boys

I think this week was much better overall then last week. Everyone seemed a little more relaxed. They also seemed to really be enjoying themselves more. I like to see that. It makes it so much more fun to watch!

Michael Johns- I still love my Australian boy. This week wasn't my favorite performance of his but I love Fleetwood Mac and I thought it was good. What's interesting is Michael's worst performance is still much better than most of the others best performance. I like him. He gets my vote this week.

Jason Castro- Oh honey I just wanna touch your locks. I so love that hair. I think he is great on the guitar. I am so glad they let them use instruments this year. That makes me happy. What a pretty boy with a wonderful voice. Good times watching him!

Luke Menard- I just really can't get excited about Luke Menard. The boy looks great. He's hot as fire but his singing is cold as ice. I just don't feel like he is really into it. And I don't feel like the audience ever connects with him. But then it might just be me. Thumbs down in my opinion. I wouldn't be disappointed if he went home soon.

Robbie Carrico- I love love love him still! The rocker makes me happy inside. He is so comfortable on stage and I enjoy that the most about him. He looks like he is supposed to be on stage and has been doing it for years. Rockers don't seem to last long on Idol but I think we could see him get a record deal out of this regardless of how far he goes in the competition.

Danny Noriega- It just hit me why it is that this kid creeps me out a little. When I watch him sing I feel like I'm watching an after school special about coming out to your parents. He is a cute kid, has fun hair, and is a great entertainer. But I can't get away from the fact that it's always a show and it seems like he is totally acting rather than really enjoying his moment on stage. I don't know if that makes any sense but he just doesn't set well with me.

David Hernandez- Every season there is the one contestant that makes me think he might be a child molester. I always get that Pee Wee Herman he's not quite right feeling at some point each season. This season it's David that give me that feeling. He just creeps me out. I honestly can't even tell you what I think of his singing. I can't get past the creepy feeling to listen to him. Bye Bye David!!!!

Jason Yeager- This week was like watching a totally different person. This week didn't even compare to last week. He was so much better. I still don't think he will last long but he at least seemed to be with it and seemed to have some fun. Way more energetic. He might make it another week with that performance but I think he will still be in the bottom two or three.

Chikezie- I like his voice. He actually reminds me a lot of Luther Vandross in his early years. But I think he is to old fashioned for this competition. I think he would be a great recording artist and I think he could get an album and do fairly well. But I just don't see him fitting in this competition much longer. Very talented guy just not quite right for American Idol.

David Cook- Another sexy rocker. You can never have too many hot rockers. I actually think he might be able to hang in there for quite awhile. I am going to predict the top 8 at least. I really think he has a unique voice, is versatile and would sell records. He has my vote this week.

David Archuleta- This kid blows me away!!!! He sang one of my favorite songs this week. Imagine. Let me tell you I can imagine him in the finale! He has mad skills, control, passion, and crowd appeal. LOVE HIM!!!! Two votes from me this week. I think this boy could take the show!

So that's my opinion of the boys this week. We get the girls tomorrow. I'm excited to see what the girls do. I think tomorrow will be a fun night too.


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