Monday, February 04, 2008

Bad Restaurant

Today we had our group staffing at work and then we all went to lunch together. It's not very often that all of us can go eat out together anymore so we were all really psyched. We picked one of our favorite restaurants and one that is known for being fast since we had a limited time to eat before our afternoon appointments all started.

So we got to the restaurant at 11:30 and there were only 3 other people there. We ordered drinks and the drinks came. But all the sodas were nasty! All it tasted like was carbonation. It was really bad. So the drinks got sent back and new drinks came and we ordered our food. It's now 11:45. Time starts ticking by and the food doesn't come, refills don't come, but more people come in. By 12:25 the restaurant is full and the people beside us are starting to get their food even though they have only been there about 15 minutes.

At 12:30 the waitress comes over and tells us the grill is full so it will be awhile???? What it's already been awhile. Then at 12:50 we see her approach with food. Yeah we are gonna eat. But no not everyone. Two people in our group got their food but no silverware because they are "out of clean silverware"! Again WHAT???? So we had to wait until other people finished eating so she could wash the silverware and give it to us.

The last person in the group to get their food was me and it came at 1:15. I was not impressed. By then the first person in the group was done eating so I got to use her fork. It's nice that we are all good at sharing. We asked to speak to the manager and he wouldn't come out to speak to us. He told the waitress to tell us that he wouldn't charge us for the soda and that usually they automatically add gratuity for groups of 8 or more but he wouldn't do that.

That's the part that really ticked me off. Basically he was going to punish the waitress for the kitchen not managing orders and time well. It's not her fault they screwed up. We ended up tipping her pretty well anyway but I was really not impressed. We won't be going back there again obviously but I thought he was pretty chicken shit for not talking to us. Ridiculous!

My food wasn't even that good after the whole wait and I've thrown up three times since we have eaten lunch. I don't know if I'm getting the stomach flu or if it was bad food. Who knows. The point is just don't eat at Wings!


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