Monday, February 18, 2008


Miss Kaitlyn really wants me to do a blog post all about her. Mattie gets lots of posts and Heather gets some so Kaitlyn really wants a post about her. So since I rock I'm giving Kaitlyn a post complete with pictures.

This is Miss Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is 16 and enjoys talking on the phone for hours on end, listening to her ipod, trying to figure out ways out of doing chores or homework, and spending time with her niece Mattie.

This is Kaitlyn with Mattie

Kaitlyn is like most teenagers. She loves her family a lot. She is a happy kid. She helps out and trys to do nice things for others. But like most teenagers Kaitlyn's mood can change with the wind. Here is the proof of that. These pictures were taken just minutes apart.

So Kaitlyn here is a post all about you! Hope you enjoy it.


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