Sunday, February 24, 2008


Someone named Roy Keighley is upset with me. He doesn't think that I should post on my own blog about him being a thief. He doesn't like for people to know that he is stealing my credit card information and bank information and purchasing things without my permission. He doesn't want the public to know he is a criminal. In fact his anger is boiling over and he is being pretty inappropriate.

Tonight while I was trying to sleep he started text messaging me. Since he doesn't have any defense for his actions he started to attack my sister and I personally. He texted about my failed adoptions and tried to use that as an attack on me as a person. Pretty low I think. Then he moved on to making racist comments about the possibility of me adopting a child of another race as well as my sister dating a man from Africa. I think he is reaching a bit and making poor choices while his ship goes down.

He seems to think that he will scare me into silence. I'm not going to be silent. What he is doing is wrong. I have proof that he has stolen from me. I have plenty of evidence. I'm not going to stop until he is in jail. I will continue to contact law enforcement regularly and I will continue to encourage them to pursue him. I want them to arrest him and ensure that he will never do this to another person.



Darby said...

good for you. Roy---back off you shouldv'e seen this coming.

Natalie said...


Anonymous said...

Keeping you in my thoughts... be careful.