Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American Idol Boys

Tonight was the first night American gets to vote for the new Idol. The top 12 boys performed tonight. I am so excited we are too this point. I love the voting piece. This is when I think the show gets really fun. So here is my run down of the top 12 boys....

The Guys I Love

Robbie Carrico- He sang love is the Lonliest Number. I really dig Robbie. He is one of my favorites. I like the rock star quality. I thought he made the song cool again and really proved himself. He looks like a pro on stage.

Danny Archuleta- This boy is 17 years old and he has pure talent in my opinion. He just makes you feel like you are watching someone do something great when you see him. I think he is going to go pretty far in this competition. For being so young he really has a great voice and great control.

Danny Noriega- I think that Danny will hang in the competition for awhile. He is fun to watch. He has a lot of energy and is a fun performer. I didn't like his song choice and he can be a bit annoying but I think he will end up with a good following of people.

Jason Castro- This boy is HOT! I love his hair and his beautiful eyes. He is very talented. It just seemed right to see him on stage. Gotta love that guitar and his sweet as sugar voice. We are going to be seeing him for awihle.

Michael Jones- He sang Come On Baby Light My Fire and trust me he lit my fire. I love his accent, his voice, his look. He could sing to me every night. He picked a great song for his voice and style. Very good choice. We are gonna see him for awhile too.

The Boys I Can't Stand

Garrett- He sang Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. Well breaking up with him wouldn't be hard for me. That boy is weird. He looks really sick and he scares me a litlte bit. What's up with the weird hair and the odd little creppy mustache. Not a big fan of him. I think he will go away this week.

Colton- He sang Suspicious Minds and didn't sing it well. I don't like that. I'm a big Elvis fan. I don't like it when people mess the songs up. He also seemed really fake on stage. I'm guessing he won't last long.

Chikezie- I really liked him in the auditions but now I'm not a big fan. He didn't seem real comfortable on stage and I don't think the crowd was really feeling him. He just seemed really nervous. I'm hoping he can come back next week and get it right.

Luke Menard- Luke is really handsome and I thought I would really like him. I wanted him to be really good. But his song made me tired. He doesn't sound right and doesn't seem comfortable. I'm not sure what the deal is but I don't dig him.

The Guys I Don't Care About

David Hernandez
David Cook
Jason Yeager

So get to voting folks. The girls perform tomorrow and then they start eliminating on Thursday. I think we have a fun season ahead.


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