Thursday, February 21, 2008

Struck Again

The identity thief has struck again. Today $506 worth of jewelry ordered in his name arrived on my doorstep. $506 of really crappy tacky jewelry. So I instantly ran to check my accounts and sure enough he somehow managed to get into my bank account again. I'm now overdrawn. I'm so freaking pissed!

I filed another police report which is probably useless. They aren't doing anything to help me anymore. My case isn't "high profile" enough at this point. How many felony charges does it take to make someone "high priority"??? My credit is in the gutter, I have no cash available to me at this moment and no one wants to help. It's ridiculous. I could potentially be on maternity leave in a few weeks with no available cash. Thanks a lot asshole!

So since the police don't want to help and he seems to think this is fun I'm going to take matters into my own hands. I'm placing an ad in the newspaper with his picture warning the public that he will steal from you. I'm also going to start mailing him a letter everyday with a picture of the local jail.

So Roy Wayne Keighley you are on notice. I know you read this blog so take note. If the police won't help me I'll help myself. I'll warn others of the things you do. I may never get my money back but I'm getting my power back. My advice of the day is if you encounter him you should hide your purse, computer, and any cash. He will rob you blind.


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Darby said...

are you kidding me??? and it's in his name???? you are going to have to close everything down and start new aren't you?? i'm so sorry jess!!