Saturday, February 23, 2008

School Daze

I had my Saturday class today. I'm so disappointed with this class. I was really excited when I enrolled in it. It's a Bowen Family Systems Theory class. I love Family Systems Theory. I just really get it and it's very interesting to me. So I thought the class would be a great opportunity to learn more about it and improve my skills. But it is so BORING! Listening to the prof is as interesting as watching grass grow. What's sad is that it's so basic I could be teaching the class. So getting up at 6 to make it to class on time is rather hard to do.

After wading through the boredom of class I rewarded myself with some Mattie time. I spent the afternoon hanging out with Shawn, Amanda, Kaitlyn and Mattie. We had a fun time. Mattie is walking all over the place now. She will walk and walk and then she drops down on the floor and just laughs! She is such a silly little thing.

Miss Lena and I are going hang out tonight and play a bit while I work on some homework. Fun times.


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