Tuesday, March 13, 2007

American Idol Review

Okay I was so not impressed with tonight's American Idol. I like Diana Ross but I don't want to hear 12 of her songs in a row. She isn't that great. And I was shocked at how poorly most of the idol contenders did this week. Not a good showing to say the least. Here is my break down of the night...

The ones I love and voted for!

Gina Glockson got my vote tonight. She sang love child and I thought she did a good job. I liked the song, I liked the way she sang it, and she remembered all the words. I also thought she had a lot of energy. So I called and voted for her.

Lakisha Jones blows me away. We could fast forward the next 12 weeks and just watch her sing at the finale and I'd be happy. God Bless The Child is one of my favorite songs and she sang it! Seriously amazing!!! I voted 5 times for her.

Jordin Sparks is a great little gal. I don't think she will win as I have said before. She is too young. But she does a great job. She sang If We Hold On Together and looked really comfortable on stage. I called and voted for her.

The ones that just need to go away!

Melinda Dolittle has got to go. I seriously can't stand her. I don't know why everyone loves her so much but I pray they come to their senses soon and send her away! She has no neck, big old eyes, cries to much, and forces me to fast forward through her weirdness. GO HOME!!!

Sanjaya is well horrible. Ain't No Mountain High Enough to get away from him. When he came out tonight with his curly hair and earrings I thought his sister was back in the competition. Lets all pray together that American comes to their senses and sends him home this week.

Phil Stacey gives me the creeps. When I see him I feel like he should be on an episode of the Dateline: To Catch a Predator show. YUCK! Have to fast forward him too.

The ones that forgot the words!

Brandon Rogers started the night off with forgotten words. It must have been contagious! After hearing him he did make me want to hurry love. HORRIBLE!

Haley Scarmato also forgot the words. I never seem to remember here so each week she is like a surprise performer to me. But other than the forgotten words I thought she did fairly well. She is really cute and had a great outfit tonight. I kinda hope we aren't missing her next week.

Stephanie Edwards sang love hangover but I think she had a real hangover. She too forgot her words. So not cool. And I hate hate hate that song! So no vote for her from me this week!

Those that did weird things to the songs!

Chris Sligh is usually one of my favorites. He is still one of my favorites and I really hope he doesn't go home. That being said I didn't like the song pick. Endless Love did feel endless. I just couldn't get into it. Don't know why exactly but it was just weird.

Blake is another one of my favorites. Again I really hope he doesn't go home yet but I really disliked what he did tonight. Not cool at all!

Chris Richardson was way off tonight. He looked weird, he sang weird, the guy is just weird. Bye Bye would be fine with me.

So that's what I think!


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Julie said...

"Sanjaya is well horrible. Ain't No Mountain High Enough to get away from him." With a comment like that you could really give Simon a run for his money. Classic! I can't stand that kid and I have a feeling he's still around because of this: www.votefortheworst.com