Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hey Baby Hey Baby Hey

Okay I'm not doing a whole big write up tonight because I have a crap load (that means a ton) of homework to work on so no time! But here we go with a few fun awards that I like to give out from time to time.

The No He Didn't Award

This award goes to Sanjaya of course. The hair is killing me folks! It was a freaky curly scary Mohawk thing. I don't get it. I really think he is trying to look more and more like a freak because he knows he is a horrible singer and the only way he is staying in this thing is because of the vote for the worst campaign.

She Has A Rocking Body But Isnt' Rocking Award

This award goes to Hayley. Seriously she has an AMAZING body in my opinion. I would scalp Sanjaya for a body like that. But really she can't sing so great. At least she is pretty.

This Song Was Written For Me Award

Phil Stacy is getting this award. I've said all along he looks like a predator. Now he is singing the stalker song. The song was for sure written for him! Great song choice Phil but quit touching the little girls.

I'm Gonna Be Somebody Award

Miss Jordin Sparks is for sure getting this award. This girl has it. Whatever it is she has it! I don't know if she will win this competition, heck I don't even care if she wins the competition. But she is going places. People are gonna remember her and the girl will make and sell some albums. I love watching it happen!

So that's what I know folks. Hopefully Sanjaya will talk his hawk and head home. Let's cross our fingers.


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Skittles said...

Me and hubby laughed all through Sanjaya's song cuz of his hair!!!