Sunday, March 11, 2007

Baby Shower

Well the baby shower for Leslie was great. I think she got a lot of things that she needed. Hopefully it will at least get her off to a good start. She hasn't gotten much of anything on her own yet. The girl is kinda in a weird situation. She was renting a house and it was a really crappy place. The landlord wasn't fixing things and it was a pretty bad deal. So she moved in with her mom a couple months ago. She thought it would just be for a couple weeks until she found a new place. But that is proving to be pretty hard. She has had no luck in the house hunting department and has now admitted defeat until after the baby is born. She is just to far along now to mess with moving. I think she kept thinking she would wait to get baby stuff until she was in her own place so now the time is getting close and she doesn't have much. I just really wish she could have found her own place a month ago. I know she would have been much happier that way.


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