Wednesday, March 21, 2007


What a weird day! Seriously so many odd or unplanned things happened today. I just feel really weird about the whole day. I got thrown off this morning and I haven't felt right all day.

1. I walked outside this morning to take Lena to go potty and I was half awake but seriously there was a huge brown horse in my driveway! I'm not playing. It was a real live horse in the drive way. And when Lena started barking at it it ran down the street. Then about a minute later these kids started chasing it trying to catch it. WEIRD!

2. Darby and I went to lunch at La Hacienda. The waiting there was totally loving him some Darby. She is beautiful so that is why but seriously he was odd. He was wearing a hairnet, barely spoke English and kept winking at her. And not winking cute but winking like he had so very strange eye problem. WEIRD!

3. My brother Shawn and his wife Amanda and my adorable niece Mattie Moo just showed up today totally unplanned! A surprise visit. Very nice but again WEIRD!

4. Mattie has this strange hernia thing on her belly button. It sticks out and is kinda purple. It seriously looks a little like a wiener poking out of her little girl belly. The doctor says it will correct itself but I think it's a little WEIRD!

5. Sanjaya is still on American Idol! WEIRD!



Darby said...

A HORSE?? now how did you forget to tell me that at lunch?? so shawn was able to come to....that's great. hopefully i get a chance to see them all on saturday!!

Josh said...

It all sounds like a bad dream.

Chelle & Chel said...

Weird is right. LOL