Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy Or Not

Okay this may be TMI for some people but I'm sharing it because this is my blog and I can. I'm having my period and for some reason decided to use a pad from Always. Well I open the thing up and there is a sticker on the pad that says "Have a Happy Period". What in the hell is that about!

Who says something stupid like that. And who in the hell is in charge of marketing at Always. That is the dumbest thing I've ever read in my life. Have a happy period. Some dumbass man had to come up with something like that. I just think it's ridiculous. Did the sticker making freaks not realize that I'm hormonal, fatter than I was last week, hungry, bitchy and don't want to be wished a Happy Period! There is nothing happy about my period. The only happy thing is that I have cramps that are bad enough that I'm not gonna trek my bloated butt over to the Always office and beat the heck out of someone.

Have a Happy Period.... Whatever!



Amy said...

Oh no they din'unt!! LOL!

Binsk said...

I just posted about this too. :)

Sara said...

LOL Jessie this post made me laugh. And I also want to say congrats on becoming a nonsmoker! I quit in January and feel great! Yay for you!