Thursday, March 29, 2007

Meth On The Money

Wow my clients have come up with lots of excuses for dirty UA's before. And I mean lots! Sometimes it's that they didn't smoke the pot but that they sat next to someone that did. Usually a postive test gets blamed on some cold medicine or an antibiotic. But today I got the best excuse ever!

A gal claimed that her UA came back hot because there was meth on the money she used to pay for it. She didn't use meth there just must have been meth on the money. How crazy is that. Needless to say I didn't buy it and I just got done making a referral for her for inpatient drug and alcohol treatment.

What is very bothersome to me is that the waiting list for her to get into a treatment center around here is more than 30 days! How ridiculous is that. And chances are the one she gets into won't be that great. So the chances of her actually going and if she does the chances of her maintaining sobriety are pretty slim. It's sad to say the least.

What's amazing to me is that there are facilities out there that provide Drug Treatment that are amazing. I've found one online at that is pretty awesome. They have a beautiful location, offer medical detox, amazing supports, and even offer follow-up services. Why can't my clients get in a place like that!


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Lisa said...

Dude! I've got 15 years sober, but, I might just drink a beer or 78 if you'll send me to that sweet place!! LOL!!