Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Well I'm getting caught up on the news and a few stories have popped out at me as fairly interesting...

Wynonna Judd's husband getting arrested on sex crimes charges is something interesting. What a mess. I guess she has filed for divorce and he is in jail. You would think he would have known to stay away from the kiddies. Guess he hasn't watched Dateline. Silly boy!

Elizabeth Edwards cancer is back and it's in her bones. This story is sad to me. I just finished reading her book awhile back and found such comfort in it. I hate that she is now facing cancer again and with such small children. I don't like seeing mom's with terminal cancer. It's bothersome. But her husband is still running for president so we will have to watch that and see how it goes.

I read a news story about fast food too. Did you know that chicken McNuggets from McDonald's are 70% corn! So really we are eating corn nuggets. That bugs me but I guess now I know that my favorite food from McDonald's is the corn nuggets. I wonder what they would think if I ordered them that way.

So that's the news that I know.


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