Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Busy Day

I was so swamped at work today! Crazy crazy busy. I can't keep up some weeks. I kinda feel like I'm drowning in paperwork. Since I miss all day on Monday for class it throws me behind every week. I get there on Tuesday and it's chaos! Not so fun.

After work I drove to El Dorado to see my Heather. She is leaving to go to Texas for Spring Break on Friday so I thought I better go see her before she left. We ate dinner and shopped a little bit. She went and got fingerprinted at the police station again today. Since the FBI can't seem to find our fingerprints for the adoption clearance we have to do them again. She is gonna get the aunt of the year award for all of this stuff!

Well I have to go watch my Tivo'd American Idol episode.


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Julie said...

Jessie! I just got your comment about your donation! That's so sweet of you. But something's weird. According to my Y-Me site, it doesn't show you donated. I didn't get an email from Y-Me either saying you donated. Did you get a confirmation page? I wonder what happened.