Sunday, March 04, 2007

Not So Pretty

Well the no smoking trip is not so pretty. I have made it through the day with no smoking but I'm not to chipper about it. I went to church tonight because for one it was another hour that I wouldn't smoke and I thought at this point God may be the only help I have. :-)

I seriously cried through the whole sermon at church tonight. Not sobbing disrupt the congregation crying but crying. The pastor talked a lot about how parents protect their children. How they don't want them to suffer or to be sad or lonely. And it just made me miss my mom. So I sat there and cried and I'm sure looked like a fool to a lot of people but I don't care. Heck it's pretty bad when going to church doesn't even make ya feel better.

So I'm going to bed now and I'm praying that tomorrow will be easier and nicer and I'll not feel so crappy...



Mimi Lenox said...

I'm sorry you had such a rough day. Crying is good, who cares what people think. Hope tomorrow is better.

Josh said...

Hey Girl, Let's keep in touch on this. I've been smoke free for 2 weeks now, and this morning was the first morning I didn't have any cravings on my way to work. I promise, it is a good feeling. You can make it 2 weeks. Honestly, you can. Hang in there!