Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Food Finds

Okay I had the best smoothie this morning. It was yummy in my tummy for breakfast. So you have to try it. It's 11:00 now and I'm still not hungry so it is not only delicious but will sustain me through the morning. I like that in a breakfast food. It was way simple to make. Just follow my recipe below.

1 cup frozen strawberries
1/2 banana
1 cup chocolate soy milk

Blend together and enjoy!



Skittles said...

That sounds really good.. well, except for maybe the soy milk part. Might have to use skim :)

Retta said...

I really need to get a new blender so I can make smoothies for breakfast!

Jennifer said...

That sounds good... maybe with reg. milk though :) I have a ton of frozen fruit... I really out to make smoothies more often. I just hate cleaning the blender.

Lisa Renee said...

The soy milk actually tastes pretty good in smoothies - one of my bunch is allergic to milk.

They've gone thru one smoothie maker and one blender here - burned up the motors on both so my last one was a more "industrial" strength one. So good.


Colleen said...

Sounds too healthy for me ;-)

Amy said...

I've got a smoothie recipe that I just love, too.

It's 6 oz. frozen fruit (I prefer peaches, blueberries and/or strawberries)
1 C milk
8 oz silk tofu
1/2 C oatbran

Provides a complete breakfast in a cup!

Lisa said...

Sounds very yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

My husband loves smoothies...I'll have to tell him about the "chocolate" milk part

Karen said...

That sounds really good. The soy milk might settle better with my tummy. I tried my sister's milk for lactaid intolerant people. I think it was called Silk. It was good.

Sindy said...

Sounds very good! The strawberries should outweigh the banana so I don't taste it! LOL!

I am off to figure out what the WW points would be on something like this!

scorpy01 said...
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scorpy01 said...

I fell in love with the smoothies at Banana Joe's on Kauai. All frozen fruit, nothing else. Tasted like a milkshake.

Elvis' Handler said...

I make smoothies for my son when the bananas get to soft. We use vanilla yogurt and milk, the bananas, frozen strawberries, and frozen peaches. He loves it.