Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Non Smoker

Yep that's me. I'm a non smoker. That's so exciting to me. The worst has passed I do believe. This morning when I woke up I of course thought first thing that I wanted a smokey treat. But instead of the normal grumble that I couldn't have one I just thought silly girl you don't smoke. And I went on about my day. Every once in awhile the cravings creep in but I just remind myself that I don't smoke and they go away. I don't feel panic today like the previous few days and I feel so much more in control. Thank goodness! I know I've still got some rough days ahead of me but I just feel so relieved to be thru the worst of it.

What's awesome is that my sister Heather doesn't read my blog. I know how in the world could she skip my awesome blog but she does. So she doesn't know that I've quit smoking. I'm trying to hold out and not tell her on the phone. I wanna surprise her this weekend. I think she will be very happy and proud of me. I know that my smoking has bothered her. So I can't wait for her to know.


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Josh said...

That's so awesome. Yeah, it's good to have people that will hold you accountable. I'm a part of a small group where I attend church. In front of the whole group, one of the guys asked me, "Hey, how's the smoking thing going?"

I was thinking, "Whew! Glad I didn't smoke!"

So the real question is, what are you going to buy with all of the money you save?