Monday, March 19, 2007

Too Much Fun!

This weekend was too much fun and obviously not enough posting. I've had phone calls and emails about this. No I have not fallen off the face of the earth, been abducted by aliens or come down with some horrible ailment. I have however partied like it is 1999 and have not posted recently. Sorry about that!

Friday a bunch of us girls headed to Kansas City for a girl's weekend. We rented a suite at Embassy Suites on the plaza. Our suite was awesome however Internet was not included and our fridge wasn't big enough. But we made do. We ate way to much food and drank an incredibly large amount of alcohol. We did some shopping and went to the bars on Westport for St. Pats. It was a good time.

I almost got us kicked out of the hotel on Saturday night when Megan dared me to ride the luggage cart like it was a skateboard around the hotel lobby. I'm very competitive and had to do it. Needless to say security got involved and asked my group of friends to "coral me". The security guard said it in front of me. I didn't understand this. I may be drunk and stupid but I'm not deaf. He could have just asked me to stop...

So I'm home now and trust me I feel like CRAP! There is a reason that I don't drink often and it's because I can't handle it. I hurt in places I didn't know I could hurt and the hang over still hasn't gone away. But seriously it was worth it. TOO MUCH FUN!


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