Saturday, March 24, 2007


Well I've gotten some good laughs today... I'll share them with you because I'm nice like that...

I babysat Caden today since Darby started her awesome new job. Caden is such a sweet little guy. He is a little shy when people first come around and it takes him a bit to open up but once he does he is so funny. Today when Heather woke up and came out in the living room Caden was being very bashful. He kept hiding his face and wouldn't look at Heather. So finally Heather left the room and as soon as she left Caden said "Whoa Baby". He thought Heather was pretty cute! She is cute of course but it was so funny hearing Caden say that!

Since I was babysitting Caden today and he is a little scared of crazy Lena I had her locked up in puppy prison. So after he went home I let Lena out. She was so excited to go outside! So I took her potty and we came back in. Then she kept looking outside and got her head stuck in the venetian blinds. That was the first funny thing. So after I quit laughing and got her unstuck I put the blinds up so she could look out on the patio. Well she went running straight for the door and slammed right into the glass at full speed! She thought the door was open!!!! Heather and I laughed so hard. And Lena just laid on the floor beside the door looking very confused.

So that's my funny stuff for the day. I'm babysitting my niece Mattie tonight while Shawn and Amanda and Heather go out. So Mattie and I are gonna have some quality time together. She still doesn't know any jokes and well she doesn't even roll over but she is good at cuddling to I guess I'll keep her.


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Darby said...

oh i wish i could have seen lena do that!! i would have peed myself i'm certain! hope you have a fun night with miss mattie. thanks again for keeping caden baby!! he is funny!!