Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Idol Nightmare

Okay I was so not impressed with American Idol this week! Even my favorites weren't that good. Just a bad week in general. I'm not even going to waste my time reviewing the folks individually this week. I'll just hit some high and low notes!

Sanjaya of course still sucks! The little crying girl did say it all! He makes me cry every week. He really needs to just go home. I just pray that the insanity stops soon and away he goes. Phil is still creeping me out. Not only does he look like a sex predator but now he screams when he sings. I just can't stand it. I'm hoping he goes away in the next couple weeks.

The folks that are getting my vote this week include Beat Box Boy Blake! Love him! He is seriously a master entertainer in my opinion. The boy puts on a show! I'm also voting for LaKisha. It wasn't her best performance ever but she was still above the rest. And she was wearing a kick ass green dress and a million dollars worth of diamonds. Gorgeous!!! And Miss Jordin looked and sounded stunning. I'll for sure be voting for her.

So that's the verdict on my end. Let me know what you all think!



Amy said...

Now see, I thought last night's episode was miles better than previous weeks!

Mr. X said...

I voted for Sanjaya, and I have been encouraging others to do so. My hope is that American Idol--the most idiotic show on television--will be ruined after a few seasons of people like me purposely voting for the worst singer. We are trying to get this show off the air. Television has been catering to braindead dullards long enough.

Josh said...

OH NO! It's Tivo'd, but I didn't watch yet.

I did hear that it was better than most... except for Haley's outfit.

Julie said...

Hey Jessie - check out Tanya's Weight Loss Blog at this link...something's VERY fishy...