Sunday, March 25, 2007

Not The Bestest Blog Of All Time

Many of you know about The Bestest Blog of All Time. In fact many of you have read my posts supporting The Bestest Blog and Bobby the guy that runs it. When I first came across The Bestest Blog it was a great community. Bobby came up with a creative idea that helped other bloggers connect in a fun way. Yeah he made some money be we got lots of hits and met cool new people so it was okay.

But I don't think it's okay anymore. Lately Bobby's blog hasn't been like it was in the good old days. He for the most part only posts PayPerPost ads. Some days there aren't even Bestest Blog of the Day posts. And on the days that those Blog of the Day posts appear they are written by a guest blogger like myself. Bobby has said he is busy, he's moving, he's hurt his back. All valid reasons for not posting in my opinion. However he has found plenty of time to post on his fake blog called Tanya's Weight Loss Journey. He is actually posting several PPP ads a day on this fake blog. So if he has time to fake that he is a woman trying to lose weight and write all those posts while he is moving, sick and busy why can't he take care of his real blog? My guess is we don't pay enough anymore.

So what am I going to do about this?

1. I've removed the random blog button from my blog.

2. I'm no longer doing guest blogger reviews for Bobby.

3. I'm removing his link from my blog.

4. I'm encouraging people to NOT donate until he fixes the random blog button or explains his behavior.

5. I'm going to visit Julie at
Flip This Body for weightloss encouragement and advice rather than Bobby's lame fake blog!

So that's my plan. I have made some great friends through The Bestest Blog and I'm grateful for that. I appreciate each of your visits and your comments. And if Bobby decides to explain himself I hope he will let me know so I can rejoin the community. Until then I will just visit and comment on the blogs I love as usual and hope that you do the same.



Julie said...

Hi Jessie, FYI, Bobby "explained" himself on my blog. He claims the blog is his wife's. I don't buy it. I replied with many examples from the Tanya blog, proving why he's full of it. For a second there I felt a little bad, but after further investigation I stand by my reaction.

Christine said...

I wonder if PPP is approving his paid posts? There is a discussion going on the in the PPP forum about interim posts, and someone quoted PPP's TOS. Basically, if the interrim posts seem less and less *personal*, they will assum that you are keeping the blog just for money, and boot you out of the system.

I went and read this *Tanya* blog, and the interim posts are lame. I can tell he just made them up quickly to have something to put between his paid posts.

I think he's *full of it*, too!

Skittles said...

Hurray for you! I just read Julie's post, too. I will add this link to my post as well.

Suni said...

this is such a shame. I am on his blogroll and he is on mine. I have written good things about his blog. what am i to do? take it all back? I don't know... i just don't know.

Macoosh said...

the whole thing is crazy. thanks for stopping by my blog! i hope this gets ironed out soon. have a good day!

Sanni said...

Hi Jessie!

I came via Skittles´ Place - thanks so much for this post. I totally agree - Bobby has done a few "little" things upsetting me before... but this fake weight-loss blog is simply a slap in my face (I´ve lost 130+ lb so far...)

Kilroy_60 said...

There's something that has always confused me about Bestest Blog.

People have held it up as creative and innovative. Link exchange websites have been around for more than the 20+ years I've been online.

It was good of you all to work with him; that definitely made his project as successful as it was. No person could do what he tied to do alone.

What seemed most unfortunate, the guy started the blog as a free link exchange and built a following. Then started charging people for this and that. That's just plain scummy.