Wednesday, March 07, 2007


First the peanut butter recall happened and now contact lens solution is being recalled! What in the heck is going on in the world. Is nothing safe anymore? It's hard to keep up. So here is the scoop! It was a ReNu Contact Lens Solution Recall. So go to your medicine cabinet right now and check and see if you have any of that solution. If you do have that solution do not I repeat DO NOT put it into your eye ball. Before you use it you need to click on that link and find out the lot numbers involved in the recall. If you have one of the bottles being recalled you can get a free replacement. If you don't have one of the bottles being recalled you are safe to use the bottle you have. No free stuff for you....

I don't wear contacts but my sister does and so does Darby. I'm thinking that contacts are becoming more and more of a pain. If it was up to me I would just get the Lasik surgery and then I wouldn't have to worry about contact lens stuff getting recalled. Then I could focus on making sure I was eating safe peanut butter.


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