Wednesday, March 07, 2007

American Idol

Okay I'm becoming obsessed with American Idol. Tomorrow things will get narrowed down to the final 12. These are the folks that I'm really hoping make it in the top twelve!

My Boys!!!!

Chris Sligh! Gotta love him. He is super funny. The boy has some crazy fun hair and he can SING! I think I might love his chubby goofy self. In fact I think he wants to be my boyfriend... LOVE HIM!!!

Blake Lewis! Who doesn't love this cutie! He can beat box like no one else and he can still sing. He is unique but not freaky weird. He is talented and fun. I think he might go pretty far. That beat boxing is

Jared Cotter! Okay Jared tells people that he wants to be the next American Idol. And the boy can sing. He will make it into the top twelve but he won't win it all. When he is done singing he will be fathering my children. He is gonna be the baby daddy but Chris Sligh is gonna raise them! :-) That's the plan...

My Girls!!!

Gina Glocksen! Okay if I was on American Idol I would be Gina. She is a little bit rock, a little funky and a whole lotta fun. I think she will make it pretty far in the competition. She won't win but the girl will have a record someday. Talented and unique. I like that.

Miss Jordin Sparks! This gal is a fire ball. She is a young thing. She has a lot of growing to do but she is on it! I just really think she is a blast to watch perform. You can tell she is enjoying herself and is just thrilled to be on the show and singing. I hope she keeps coming back for awhile yet.

The amazing Lakisha Jones. I predict that if Lakisha isn't the next American Idol she will at least be in the final three. This girl is talented and people love her. She has a set of pipes and a spirit that doesn't quit. Watch out folks her she comes...

So that's what I think. I'm silently praying that a few people go away tomorrow and luckily four folks will. I'll tell you more about what I think about the others another time.


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