Sunday, December 31, 2006

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Tricia tagged me with this meme more than a week ago. I have put it on the back burner for long enough. Sorry about that Tricia! Before I do it though I have to tell you that her blog Tricia's Musings is one of my favorites to visit. And now Tricia has branched out and I've been reading her newest blog Celebrity Scoop. I really enjoy it too! I like reading about the newest gossip and going ons of celebrities. Here husband Chris even has a blog called Odd Planet. So when you get done reading the five things about me go over and pay them a visit at all of their blogs. Tell them I said Happy New Year!

1. I am afriad of midgets. I have probably told you this already but seriously I am terrified of them!

2. I'm addicted to Nancy Grace. I like watching it every night. Lots of people can't stand her but I dig it.

3. I collect Willow Tree Angels. I like that they are simple and clean and they happen to look adorable in my dining room.

4. I'm a painting fool. I've painted so many rooms in so many houses this year that I have lost track. And guess what I'm doing tomorrow... Painting my kitchen. Fun times.

5. I don't like to drive in the rain. It creeps me out a little. I'm always afraid that I will wreck. I'm not a good driver okay...

So that's me. Go visit Tricia now!


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Tricia said...

Hey! Thank you for the nice write up on our sites. :) I'm behind as well - blame it a bit on the puzzle contest, but not totally. LOL

You are number 1 on todays Thursday Thirteen (13 great sites to visit). It's not a huge review but I hope you like it. :)