Monday, December 25, 2006


Well now that Christmas is over and the food monsters have gone away I'm getting with it on the diet. I just wanted to maintain over the last couple weeks but now I'm getting serious. No playing around anymore. It's crunch time in diet land for me. Our trip to Greece is rapidly approaching and I wanna be hot! Not just oh she has lost some weight and looks good hot. I wanna be really smoking hot. Like fitness women kinda hot. Like some Greece guy wants to take me home and make some Greek babies kinda hot. Okay sorry Dad, that was a bit much but really hot would be good.

So diet land here I come. I'm joining weight watchers, hitting the gym, drinking the water, going to dance class and I'm gonna lose some weight. I'm gonna lose a lot of weight. I'm gonna get healthy and have some fun doing it. I'm also gonna take a look at my sponsors website There are some great tips on here and I'm gonna apply some of them. It's time to get skinny with it folks! Are you ready to get skinny? I'll let you hang out with me if you wanna join me....


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