Saturday, December 23, 2006

Girls Day...?

Well we are having a girl's day in KC! Well kinda. Two girls and a guy day I suppose. Darby and I planned on going shopping in KC today and then picking Heather up at the airport. Well Roy heard about it and begged and pleaded and convinced us to let him go with us. He swears up and down that he will not complain about the girl stores, the long wait, the questions about how fat we look in such and such pants, and our endless talking. We will see how long he can hold to that.... I have a feeling he will be complaining before we hit the city limits.

No matter what it's gonna be a great day. Fun people to hang with, good shopping, great food and most importantly my sister is COMING HOME! I finally feel like Christmas. I'm excited to have her here and to do our church service on Sunday and gifts on Monday. It should be very very good. Our Aunt Betty is coming to visit us Sunday too which will be great. So Christmas is in my heart a little bit....


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