Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pay Day Headaches

My mom's best friend Doreen runs a trucking company and a farming business. She is a very busy gal! In fact she spends almost every waking moment at her office making sure the book keeping is done and caught up and accurate. It's a huge mess for her. I keep telling her she needs to hire more help, turn more over to the accountant or just run away before it gets to be too much. Life is to short to worry so much about payroll! It's ridiculous that she misses out on so many things because of running a business. Whoever says being your own boss is a good thing has obviously never been the boss for long... She is WORN out!

So tired Doreen needs to check out the services offered by my sponsor for help with small business payroll. This appears to be an affordable way for her to get some HELP and cut back on the amount of time she is stuck in the office, wading through paperwork. Maybe if Doreen would try this she could spend more time enjoying her life and less time worrying about paying all the truck drivers. We could only wish!


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The Bizarre Jokester said...

merry christmas! my this day bring you lots n lots of happiness and joy!