Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wife Hunt

A guy at my church recently married a woman from Russia. He had met her through some type of dating service, went to Russia to visit once. Then brought her here and married her. It all happened within a matter of months. They seem really happy but it also seems kinda odd. I think it would be hard to marry someone so quickly but I guess it is working for them. Supposedly the divorce rate for Russian/American marriages is only 6% so I guess it's working for quite a few people.

There is a site out there called Lover's Planet that actually arranges these relationships. I guess millions of men are using the service. I've looked over the site and it's pretty indepth. They have a question and answer section, tips for dating Russian woman, and success stories. So if you are like the guy at my church and you want a Russian wife you can find one with just a couple clicks on your computer....


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Michael C said...

My best friend's brother married a Russian Bride. It lasted less than a year. Of course there was a 15 year age difference, too. I didn't realize the divorce rate was so low. Maybe all the married couples in America should go spend some time in Russia, huh?