Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I have been doing the guest blogger spot at the Bestest Blog of All Time for a couple weeks now. I'm really loving doing it. Not only have a found some neat blogs for my reviews I've also found some neat blogs just to add to my blog roll and share with you all. It's been a great way to find some new blogs. When I find new ones I really like I add them to my link list so keep checking it out. Bobby has had a bunch of new blogs to link with lately too. There is a huge list now that I sift through to when I'm trying to find a new pick. So if you can't find something to tickle your fancy here head over to Bestest Blog of All Time to find one you like. And then make sure to tell me about it! Bobby has all the blogs sorted by category so it makes it pretty easy to find something. Have fun and make sure to keep me posted on any great blogs you find.


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Bobby Griffin said...

Thanks for the plug Jessie! Though I must say you have very good taste in blogs, just about every week when you pick, it is a blog I have considered picking myself!